Italian Nutritionist in Berlin


Ciao! I'm Monica

✔️ MSc in Biology and Human Nutrition

✔️ Specialized in weight loss, sports nutrition, PCOS, hypothyroidism, intolerances, Mediterranean and vegan diets.

✔️ I speak English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese 

Let’s build your healthy routine together!

My meal plans are simple to follow because they’re based on my clients’ tastes, habits and the individual goals we set together. On a more technical note I also use premium hard- and software technology to analyze your body composition.

NO stress, NO starving – those are words that shouldn’t be associated with a balanced and sustainable diet.

You’ll be happy to hear that my plans also include 

2 FREE MEALS per week.


NO RECIPES BUT FOOD COMBINATIONS (if you need I’ll be glad to revise your favorite recipes)

Book now and pay when the consultation is finished. Payments in cash or bank transfer (NO CREDIT CARD).

Office located here:
Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 29
10407 Berlin


You will learn how to

Prep simple, healthy and balanced meals based on your taste
Build a lasting healthy relationship with food and your body
Manage your weight naturally, without
any other diet

"What can I expect from the consultation?"

The visit in my Berlin office consists of a series of measurements and analyses that allow me to evaluate the starting point of your journey and monitor progress over time.


First things first I will measure your waist, abdomen and hips as well as your weight. 

Depending on this information we’ll set realistic and sustainable goals that can be achieved within a certain timeframe. 

I’ll motivate you to take these important first steps no matter your situation. 



My BIA computer is an advanced machine that, starting from your hydration, estimates your Lean Mass, Fat Mass, Basic Metabolism and Phase Angle (a parameter that indicates cellular health).

This will paint me a more detailed picture of your overall health and help me make the best decisions rooted in science.



Within 5 working days you’ll receive your personal meal plan. It consists of a weekly scheme with food options (no recipes, but food combinations) from Monday to Saturday, and  2 MEALS PER WEEK ARE FREE.

It’s important to pull the plug twice a week to taste foods otherwise not available in the diet. Over time, this will increase your chances of sustaining the results immensely, and that is why I’ve standardized this approach

My consulting and guidance is deeply rooted in science. No hype, no fast solutions.

Here's an example of the software that I use every day to analyze data from my clients and track progress.


First Consultation & Diet

  • Initial conversation about food and your goals
  • BIA Analysis
  • Meal Plan


Send an email to info@eatbetter-notless-com. Aiah, my assistant, will be happy to find a spot that fits your agenda.


Visit my office where we'll discuss your tastes, goals and use the latest technology to analyze your body composition


You'll receive your 100% customized plan within days so you can begin this new exciting chapter of your life

Individual Follow-Up

  • Measure progress
  • Diet optimization and adjustments
  • Stay motivated


Couple, First Visit

  • Consultation with a loved one
  • All features of solo first visit
  • Stay on track together
  • (Follow ups 130€)


Contact Me

Fully booked till end of september.

If you wish to be added on my waiting list, or book a spot on October send an email to

I’d be glad to notify you as soon as a spot becomes available

I speak English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

The office is in Prenzlauer Berg