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Best Foods for a Tight Budget

If you are on a tight food budget, it can be hard figuring out what foods to add to your meal plan. This is especially true when you are trying to eat healthy, and not rely on a lot of processed foods. Here are some of the healthiest foods that will also work great with a smaller food budget.


One of the best foods to enjoy on a tight budget is oats. You don’t want to buy the packets of oatmeal that has already been flavored, but instead get the container of oats. They are simple to cook, and you would just flavor them how you want.


Eggs can also be an excellent choice when you are on a budget. Eggs go a long way, and there are so many different ways to use them. Make scrambled eggs, boil eggs to top avocado toast or salads, make a quiche to feed the family, or save them for baking purposes.

Beans, Lentils, Rice, and Pasta

When it comes to pantry staples, pasta, rice, beans, and lentils are the way to go. These last a long time and work great as filler in many of your healthy meals. Just remember to get them pre-processed, so beans in bags that need to be soaked, rice that you would rinse before using, pasta that has not been already prepared with seasonings or sauces.

Canned Tuna and Salmon

Skip the tuna and salmon in the seafood section of your grocery store, and instead consider getting the canned version. While a little higher in sodium, they are very inexpensive and are easy to use in salads and other dishes.

Chicken Breast

For poultry and meat, the most affordable option is with chicken breasts. You can get a big bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer section of your grocery store, and per pound it is a very affordable price. The frozen chicken breasts are great because you can pull out just what you need, and save the rest.


Looking for more carbs? Get potatoes! A bag of potatoes is very inexpensive and they go a long way. Mashed potatoes, potato salad, roasted potatoes, breakfast potatoes, the options are endless.

Foods That You Can Stretch

Lastly, consider some foods that you can stretch for multiple meals and recipes, such as hummus and Greek yogurt. These types of foods have multiple purposes, such as using hummus to dip your veggies, spread on a sandwich, use to top a Greek-style bowl.

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