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nutritionist berlin

Discover Top Body Composition Analysis in Berlin!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative health journey? Step into a world where precision meets personalization – welcome to our realm of Bioimpedance Body Composition Analysis, where we decode the intricacies of your body, revealing a customized roadmap to your optimal health.


Total Muscle Mass

Understand your body better by knowing the total number of muscles (over 750!) and how they impact your physical health, nutrition, and recovery.

Phase Angle

Get insights into your cell health with the Phase Angle measurement, helping you understand your body's quality and predict potential chronic diseases.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Discover the energy your body needs to function at rest, measured in calories, to better manage your weight and health.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Learn about your total energy expenditure over 24 hours, combining your Basal Metabolic Rate with your physical activity level, vital for managing your energy balance.

Extra Cellular Water

Understanding the distribution of fluids outside your cells is crucial for maintaining hydration and overall bodily function.

And Many More!

Important parameters to reach your full body analysis. Get a complete diagnosis from our Nutritionist.

who will SUPPORT you
Dott.ssa Monica Antoniucci
  • Italian Biologist – MSc in Human Biology, Specialized in Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Expert in weight loss and stress eating 

  • I take care of cases such as IBS, Overweight, PCOS, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, intolerances (gluten, lactose, fructose, histamine)

  • Kids nutrition (0-18 years) in collaboration with my colleague (dott.ssa Valentina Colistra)

  • I provide Mediterranean and vegan meal plans

  • Intuitive eating certified counselor

  • +10 years of experience
  • I speak English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese 
nutritionist berlin

Premium Body Composition Analysis

+ Nutritional Advices
+ *Exclusive Discount for further Consultation/Meal Plans


Why Settle for Less? Traditional Scales, Smart Scales, BMI – Demystified!

Traditional scales mislead, unable to distinguish between muscle and fat!

Smart scales at home? They may sync, but accuracy is sacrificed.
BMI? A relic from the 1800s, assuming everyone is the same.

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Your well-being is more than a number – it's a journey. Reject extreme diets and embrace a holistic approach. We guide you through the path of self-love, wise choices, and liberation from the yo-yo cycle.

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Ready to embark on your health journey?
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Body Composition Analysis

+ *Exclusive Offer for further Consultation / Meal Plans


*If later you’d like to get a meal plan and support in order to improve your body composition, the cost will be deducted from the total of the first consultation.