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I help high-achieving and busy professional women

To stop battling food their bodies the scale

focus on their career and feel at peace in their private life
Through my online Nutrition Stress-Free Program

Without giving up your favorite foods or missing out on social gatherings!

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career driven women

Who had little time for self care.

Were pleasantly surprised to see how simple and fast they could improve their nutrition while saving some money.

Noticed their weight and level of stress decrease within 3 months in this program.

Resulting in more energy, more productivity at work and better relationship with their loved ones.

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high professional women

Are you confident in your ability to chair the contentious meeting, manage the 8-figure budget, or argue the legal case,
but you still feel powerless when confronted with that half-eaten bag of chips?

You don’t have a willpower problem.. have a TOO MUCH IN YOUR PLATE problem!

Why am I doing this?

Hey there, friend! So, picture this: 2014 rolls around, and I dive headfirst into the nutrition game. Now, you'd think university would teach you all about keeping folks well-fed and happy, right? Well, surprise, surprise—it's more like they teach you how to make people feel like they're on a perpetual hunger strike. Starvation central!

Let me spill the beans on something they conveniently forget to mention: Sure, you can shed those pounds with a specific diet, but give it a couple of years, and bam! It's back, and it brought some friends along for the ride. It's like weight loss is on a vacation, and it decides to come back with a postcard saying, "Wish you were here—plus a few extra pounds!"

Now, let's talk about us professional women. We're out here, juggling a million things at once, asking the universe for the strength to keep it all together. Spoiler alert: we're not invincible. We burn out faster than a candle at a birthday party with too many wishes. Trust me; been there, done that—twice in 2020, no less!

So, here I am, armed with all the scientific nutrition knowledge in the world, and what happens? I gain weight, my mental health takes a nosedive, and I'm left wondering, "What the kale is going on?"

But fear not, my friend, because out of the chaos emerged a beacon of hope. I had to find a way to break free from the cycle, to focus on my business and my pride and joy, my son Gabriel Cesar. It wasn't easy, but I did it! Now I'm here to help you do the same and never get back to that point!

So, whether you're a fellow business juggler or just someone trying to keep up with life's rollercoaster, I've got your back.

I’m a business owner since 2014 and burned out twice! Recently I became a mom and juggling withing all the tasks can be really tough

nutritionist in berlin

the program


Get your unique meal plan and groceries list


Listen to your stomach - No more diets


Be curious of what happens in moments of stress and anxiety


cope with emotions without turning into mindless eating

successful stories of busy women that struggled with food

let's talk!

If you get till here, I’ll guess that something caught your attention.

Why spending more time with blog articles, filling your inbox with another newsletter (that hardly you’ll have time to read) or download a freebie like “5 steps to stop overeating” that will delay your goals?

How much time did you spend scouting around without finding anyone to trust?

So let’s cut the chase and talk!

I do not take under my wing somebody who won’t benefit from my program, I get no joy. So the reason why I’m giving my time for free is to make sure that I can really help you to get your body back and have peace of mind to focus on what really matters for good!

If you feel like you spend a lot of time thinking about food..

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