nutritionist berlin
I help high-achieving and busy professional women

To stop battling food their bodies the scale

To stop battling food their bodies the scale

focus on their career and feel at peace in their private life

Without giving up your favorite foods
or missing out on social gatherings!

nutritionist berlin
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career driven women

Who had little time for cooking

Were pleasantly surprised to see how simple and fast they could improve their nutrition while saving a lot of money.

Noticed their weight and level of stress decrease within 2 months in this EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM.

Resulting in more energy, more productivity at work and better relationship with their loved ones.

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high professional women

successful stories of busy women that struggled with food

Are you confident in your ability to chair the contentious meeting, manage the 8-figure budget, or argue the legal case,
but you still feel powerless when confronted with that half-eaten bag of chips?

You don’t have a willpower problem.. have a TOO MUCH IN YOUR PLATE problem!

4 Months online program

1 hour session
every 2 weeks


Get your unique meal plan and groceries list


Listen to your stomach - No more diets


Be curious of what happens in moments of stress and anxiety


cope with emotions without turning into mindless eating


In 2014, I embarked on the adventure of starting my nutritionist business. The journey was both thrilling and challenging – starting from scratch, no one knew me professionally, and it took time to gain recognition. Fueled by high standards and a touch of perfectionism, the business soared within four years, appearing picture-perfect.

Then came 2020, a year that taught me a vital lesson. Amidst the success, burnout struck unexpectedly. I realized I'd been shouldering not only work but also responsibilities at home and with friends that weren't truly mine. Everyone else took precedence, and I neglected myself. Constantly on high alert, in fight-or-flight mode, I pushed until my body said, "enough."

For the first time in six years, I had to cancel all appointments for two months. It was a wake-up call. Amid trying to be everything for everyone, I found myself overindulging, overdrinking, and never fully resting. Weight gain was an inevitable companion. It may sound surprising, but as a nutritionist, I'm just like you – a woman juggling life's demands without seeking help, demanding too much from myself.

Returning to work, I encountered clients facing similar struggles. Therapy and meal plans helped, but they needed more. They needed what I needed – a practical solution. After two years of intensive study, research, and coaching, I crafted the MAKE PEACE WITH FOOD program. It saved me from constant exhaustion, erratic energy levels, irritability, and mindless eating.

I'm excited to share this program with you, designed to restore your confidence, reclaim your body, and boost productivity by demanding less from yourself. Give it a try, and you'll see the positive changes unfold.

If you got till here, something must have caught your attention.

Save time and ditch the blog articles and newsletters. Avoid downloading freebies like “5 Steps to Stop Overeating” that won’t fully solve your problem.

How much longer will you deal with this situation?

Let’s see if I can help you!

I do not take under my wing somebody who won’t benefit from my program, I get no joy. So the reason why I’m giving my time for free is to make sure that I can really help you to get your body back and have peace of mind to focus on what really matters for good!


Are you trying to eat healthy but it's boring and hard?