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nutritionist in berlin
nutritionist in berlin
nutritionist in berlin

Ciao! I'm Monica

Let’s build your healthy routine together!

My meal plans are simple to follow, based on my clients’ tastes, habits and individual goals we set together. On a more technical note I also use premium hard- and software technology to analyze your body composition.

NO stress, NO starving – those are words that shouldn’t be associated with a balanced and sustainable diet.

You’ll be happy to hear that my plans also include 

2 FREE MEALS per week.


NO RECIPES BUT FOOD COMBINATIONS (if you need, I’ll be glad to revise your favorite recipes)

Book now and pay later

Office located here:
Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 29
10407 Berlin


You will learn how to

Prep simple, healthy and balanced meals based on your taste

Build a lasting healthy relationship with food and your body

Manage your weight naturally, without
any other diet

"What can I expect from the consultation?"

The visit in my Berlin office consists of a series of measurements and analyses that allow me to evaluate the starting point of your journey and monitor progress over time.


First things first I will measure your waist, abdomen and hips as well as your weight. 

Depending on this information we’ll set realistic and sustainable goals that can be achieved within a certain timeframe. 

I’ll motivate you to take these important first steps no matter your situation. 

nutritionist in berlin
nutritionist in berlin


My BIA computer is an advanced machine that, starting from your hydration, estimates your Lean Mass, Fat Mass, Basic Metabolism and Phase Angle (a parameter that indicates cellular health).

This will paint me a more detailed picture of your overall health and help me make the best decisions rooted in science.



Within 8 working days you’ll receive your personal meal plan. It consists of a week plan with food options (no recipes, but meal combinations) from Monday to Saturday, and  2 MEALS PER WEEK ARE FREE.

It’s important to pull the plug twice a week to taste foods otherwise not available in the diet. Over time, this will increase your chances of sustaining the results immensely, and that is why I’ve standardized this approach

My consulting and guidance is deeply rooted in science. No hype, no fast solutions.

Here's an example of the software that I use every day to analyze data from my clients and track progress.

Andrea Familari
Andrea Familari
18. July, 2023
After receiving a positive recommendation from a friend who had a great experience with Monica, I decided to seek her assistance. My objective was to improve my psychological well-being by losing weight and developing a better self-image. During my initial visit, I was impressed by her professionalism and attentive approach to tailor solutions according to each individual's specific needs. Together, we established realistic goals and allowed sufficient time to achieve them, all while considering my preferences and requirements. The diet plan Monica devised for me seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, and I encountered no difficulties in adhering to it. Now, a year after our first meeting, I can confidently say that I have successfully achieved those goals. The progress has been so significant that I have chosen to continue working with Monica, as I find it essential for my ongoing well-being. I wholeheartedly endorse her services to others. For anyone hesitating about reaching out to her, I strongly encourage you to make that contact. Thank you, Monica!
Leslie Soto
Leslie Soto
15. July, 2023
By far one of the best nutricionist I've worked with! She taught me the balance of eating healthy rather than giving me a diet. She measured my metabolism, we talked about habits and from there gave me a framework of foods and quantities I should have. She weight me just to have a reference and to give you a reference as well, I've lost 5.5 kilos in 4 months (sticking to my plan, which had 2 free meals a week, and some sort of physical activity 2/3 times a week). Fully recommend her if you wanna have a better relationship with food. I know I do now
Alberto Fagetti
Alberto Fagetti
24. June, 2023
Grazie a Monica ho imparato che per stare in forma non bisogna mangiare poco, ma semplicemente mangiare meglio!
Juliet Barbieri
Juliet Barbieri
2. May, 2023
In a nutshell: I highly recommend Monica to anyone looking for a nutritionist in Berlin or online. Monica is not only highly professional and knowledgeable, but also incredibly empathetic and truly cares about her clients. Her unique approach to nutrition is what sets her apart from other nutritionists.Monica works with you to meet your individual needs, which leads to long-lasting results without disrupting your lifestyle completely. Thank you, Monica!
Sebastiano Loukas
Sebastiano Loukas
2. May, 2023
Professionale, competente e molto disponibile, propone piani alimentari realistici che tengono conto dei gusti personali. Non ti fa soffrire la fame e ha un approccio positivo senza dare spazio al senso di colpa e ai progetti irrealizzabili. In più è simpatica!
katia zappala'
katia zappala'
27. March, 2023
Monica è una professionista che con il suo approccio mi ha permesso di avere un rapporto più equilibrato con il cibo (non troppe limitazioni e non accessi) io soffrivo di abbuffate causate da diete drastiche o da allenamenti estenuanti per poi abbuffarmi e stare male. Ora il peso non è più un’ossessione come anche il cibo e quando sento qualcuno che dice no non mangio questo sono a dieta o questo sgarro me lo concedo mi scappa da ridere! Consiglio a tutti di affidarsi a lei ed evitare diete fai da te occorre imparare A fare pace con il cibo e non essere troppo severe con noi stesse! Grazie Monica
Lucrezia Rende
Lucrezia Rende
20. March, 2023
Sono molto felice di poter scrivere una recensione positiva per Monica. Non solo ha dimostrato una grande conoscenza nell'ambito della nutrizione, ma ha anche dimostrato una vera passione per aiutare le persone a migliorare la loro salute attraverso una dieta equilibrata. Monica è stata molto paziente nel rispondere alle mie domande e ha dedicato il tempo necessario per comprendere la mia situazione individuale e le mie esigenze. Ha creato un piano alimentare personalizzato che ha tenuto conto delle mie preferenze, delle mie abitudini alimentari e delle mie esigenze nutrizionali. Grazie al suo supporto, ho imparato a fare scelte alimentari più consapevoli e a mangiare in modo più sano e bilanciato. Non solo mi sono sentita meglio, ma ho anche perso peso in modo sano e sostenibile. Consiglio Monica a chiunque stia cercando un professionista esperta e appassionata nel campo della nutrizione, e che sia in grado di fornire un supporto personalizzato e di alta qualità.
Donatella Summo
Donatella Summo
12. December, 2022
Sono molto, molto contenta del percorso fatto con la dottoressa Monica. A causa di un innalzamento del colesterolo mi rivolsi ad una professionista che mi diede una dieta molto restrittiva anche perché ritenne opportuno che dovessi eliminare alcuni chili.Forse aveva anche ragione ma tutto ciò provocò una tempesta emotiva non riuscivo più a mangiare serenamente ed ero perennemente convinta di "sbagliare".Dopo un anno infernale e aver consultato diversi professionisti con insuccesso perché non ascoltavano ho trovato Monica in breve tempo grazie ai suoi incontri ho ritrovato me stessa e la felicità di mangiare con gusto e serenità. Grazie dottoressa per avermi restituito una parte di "vita"
Codee Martinelli
Codee Martinelli
5. December, 2022
Monica is a warm, inviting, and encouraging professional. I am so glad I got to work with her! She is very responsive, and has great ideas to help assist you through your nutrition journey.
riccardo gelsomini
riccardo gelsomini
22. October, 2022
La Dottoressa Monica Antoniucci si è rivelata essere persona competente ed empatica; il suo piano alimentare ha preso in considerazione aspetti fisici e fisiologici ma anche comportamentali e psicologici della mia persona, non ho fatto fatica a seguire il piano alimentare personalizzato, anzi ho imparato a mangiare in modo più sano.In breve tempo il mio corpo ha reagito positivamente alla dieta perdendo liquidi e massa grassa cosa che mi ha procurato benessere fisico ma anche psichico, ci vorrà ancora del tempo per raggiungere il peso forma che mi sono proposto (75kg da 85 che ne pesavo) ma le premesse ci sono tutte. Assolutamente da consigliare !!


I cannot help you if
– you need to lose more than 20 kg (I suggest a specific clinic for obesity);
– you are a bodybuilder or just want a six-pack.
My approach is meant to help people that are willing to improve their lifestyle and overall wellness without following a strict diet. 
For those in need, weight loss is a consequence of following the personalized routine that we will build together.
As scientific research shows us, no diet is better than another. What really matters are your habits developed around a balanced nutrition, otherwise all the weight lost will be back soon.
If you have any questions or technical problems, send an email to,
Aiah my assistant is ready to help!

I speak English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

The office is in Prenzlauer Berg